Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) :

It is Very commonly prawn as importance. The inability sexual activity is called Erectile Dysfunction.


1.Medications: Taking medications for over a long period of time can read to ED.

2.Anscuety: Anscuety also leads to ed. One need o know how to awesome anscity.

3.Stress: Man are getting ictimzed my today stressful environment both at work and at home.

4.Adrg: According to scetful research men aged in their 60s are four times more falling prey to this problem versus men in their 40s.

5.Excessive Masturbation:: Excessive masturbation leads to ED.

6.Lock of nutrition Diet:: Nutrition is the most important element in ones life. One need to take a healty nutrition diet.

7.Drinking and Smoking:: Regular drinking and smoking hebit often leads to the problem of ED.

Dr. N. A. Khan is a renowned Unani sexologist doctor in Delhi/NCR. He is one of the most trusted and experienced doctor in Delhi/NCR.

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