Night Fall / Discharge

Night Fall / Discharge

It is defined as the uncontrollelation ejaculation of same during sleep. It happens in makes more offer then fmals when they are in their or only adult age. It is eaused by sexual arousal and orgasm from wet dreams.


1.Poor Digestion: Poor digestive system can lead to night fall among man.

2.Spicy Food: Eating a lot of spicy food can also causes night fall.

3.Harmonal Charges: As man grow from their to range to young adult hood a lot of Hormonal charges take place.

4.Anscuity: Anscity can causes very advese effect on our health which can leadto night fall also among young man.

5.Stress: One need to meange stress my a professional counseling doctor. If not paid attraction to at night time can lead to night fall.

6.No Excusses: Living a lecharge life style can lead to this problem.

7.Depression: In Today tough social and economic environment many young man do suffer from deppession which can lead to this problem.

8.Smoking and Drinking: Consuming alcohol and smoking agrment causes damage to the stress and potrrlillay lead to night fall.

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