Low Sperm Count

The semen that gets ejaculated during an orgasm containing less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is called Oligospermia.


1.Steroids: Today’s young generation is very fascinated by body building. In order to build a nice muscular body they take the help of steroids which in turn lead to shrinkage of testicles and decrease sperm production drastically.

2.Alcohol  and SmokingIt leads to less sperm count.

3.Stress:  Anscity can causes very advese effect on our health which can leadto night fall also among young man.

4.Over weight/ Obesity:  Due to lack of exercise people are gaining a lot weight which also results in lower sperm count.  One needs to do yoga and aerobics exercise.

5.Excessive Masturbation: Excessive masturbation also leads to low sperm count.

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