Low Sex Desire

It can be very easily be defined as reduced intrest in sexual intercourse. In ones life span libido keeps changing. Low libido levels can cause a have in a relationship of two partner.


1.Low testosterone: Testosterone is an hormone that reactes sex desire among both male and female. Low testosterone levels is indicative of low sex desire.

2.Medicines: when one consumer medicine are a long period of time can causes in low libido level as they have sie effects.

3.Depression: Depression can issue our sex life. Depression does cause low libido.

4.Stress: In today stressful social and economic environment are can suffer form low libido level.

5.Ageing: :As we grow older our libido level keep decressing thely causing low libido

6.Insomnia: When are does not have a sound sleep, on awakening feels tired. It can also cause in Low Libido.

Dr. N. A. Khan is a renowned Unani sexologist doctor in Delhi/NCR. He is one of the most trusted and experienced doctor in Delhi/NCR.

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