Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone is found both in men and woman which is responsible for sex desire. In man, Testosterone. In Woman however aware make testosterone are responsible for the development of many feature which are considered to be male trates. It help increase muscle bulk, bore mass, physical strength and the amount of hair on body.


1.Overweight/overset When are is overweight due to lack os exercise, it can lead to low testosterone level.

2.Diabetes Diabetes can seriously lower the testosterone level in males.

3.Hormonal Disorder: Any hormonal disorder which a person is suffering from can lead to low testosterone level.

4.Medication: Medication taken same from otter cause.

5.Stress: Man are getting ictimzed my today stressful environment both at work and at home.

6.Depression: Depression can issue our sex life. Depression does cause low libido.

Dr. N. A. Khan is a renowned Unani sexologist doctor in Delhi/NCR. He is one of the most trusted and experienced doctor in Delhi/NCR.

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