Small Penis & Penis Enlargement

Small Penis & Penis Enlargement :

The level of satisfaction by having sex which a partner differs from woman to woman. A large number of woman want their partner to have a long panis size. When faced (Non Errected) averaging penis size 3.6 Inches(9.16cm) in strnght on ejection the average size of panis is (5.16 inches ). But in order to satisfy woman partner, man need to have a panis size of 6 to 7 inches.


1.Strode: Today men want to look good and have a muscular body. In order to build muscular they use strode. The use of strode leads to shrinkage penis size.

2.Medication: when one consumer medicine are a long period of time can causes in low libido level as they have sie effects.

3.Smoking: Harmful sub strode found in cigrate smoking do damage the blood vessels in the penis thereby reducing the flow of blood in the penis and preventing it from striating.

4.Drinking: : Alchohal drinking also does same damage to our blood vessels as smoking , therpy preventing it from stretching.

5.Cardiscular Decrease : one of the most important causes of ED is cordicuscular dicrese.

6.Lack of Exercise: One most to do varius from of exercises to stay away from the problem of ED. Like yoga , jogging , cobles, weight Training etc.

7.Inssomnia: In simple words it can be defined as a sleep disorder. People suffering from insomnia are not able to have a sound sleep, so when they wwork up they don’t feel refresh. Leads to fatigue are feels two tired therefore resulting in ED

Dr. N. A. Khan is a renowned Unani sexologist doctor in Delhi/NCR. He is one of the most trusted and experienced doctor in Delhi/NCR.

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